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The Volkswagen Golf R shows itself without camouflage


[Image: 1140-x-623-750x410.jpg]

A few months after the reveal of the GTI, it is now the turn of the Volkswagen Golf R to be seen in full, without any camouflage.

Remember, at the start of the year Volkswagen lifted the veil on its all-new Golf GTI, a few months after formalizing the eighth generation of its compact star. With 245 horsepower, this sporty variant had obviously created a following among enthusiasts, and above all allowed them to wait until the presentation of the R version, which will arrive a little later in the year. While the Wolfsburg firm has so far not wanted to give any details about this new addition to the catalog, we can however always count on social networks to have something to eat. Indeed, the Instagram account Cochespias, specializing in the publication of spy shots posted a few days ago an image showing the future Volkswagen Golf R without any camouflage. Enough to arouse the curiosity of internet users, while the interior is also visible in the photos.

At first glance, the differences with the GTI are relatively inconspicuous, and everything is played out here in the details. First, we notice the new R logo positioned in the center of the boot, just under the Volkswagen emblem. The rear here is very aggressive, with its new diffuser, incorporating no less than four tailpipes, while the upper part of the rear is more conventional. If the front has not yet been shown, the first images let in a particular glimpse the wheels of the sports car, dressed in very beautiful five-spoke rims, concealing blue brake calipers, distinctive of the R versions. A color that also found on the steering wheel. Just behind, we discover without surprise a digital instrument cluster, whose display should be specific to this sportier version. We will also probably have to expect exclusive upholstery.

More than 330 horsepower?
If we have therefore already been able to have a brief overview of the style of this future Volkswagen Golf R, it will however be necessary to be patient before knowing more about its technical sheet, while the firm has not yet not all of the press releases about it. Nevertheless, rumors are already rife, and many are already announcing the presence under the hood of the sporty 2.0-liter four-cylinder TSI, the same that powers the new Audi S3 just unveiled. The Volkswagen compact, on the other hand, could supplant its cousin with the rings by offering more power, around 330 horsepower, against 310 for the Audi. Now, all we have to do is wait to find out a little more about this version styling the range, the revelation of which should not be too late, as the photos suggest, showing a car almost ready.
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